A netbook is smaller and lightweight yet fulfills basic needs

Finding the right netbook computer can be a challenge and I have experienced this more than once. I know that I have seen good performance from the Atom N2600 over the last year or so. I had purchased one of the cheap netbooks for sale under 100 and I actually liked the fact that it had the 1.6GHz processor in it because this one is a dual core. I have found that it works better than the older ones because of the way it does not bog-down when I am using it. This was the case with my other laptop which I think has a Pentium 4 inside of it.

Average Netbook Computer

Now I will admit that when these first came out they were way more impressive than their predecessors where. This is based upon a performance level which is probably pretty typical of what other people do. This is just basically using the entry level laptops under 100 for everyday work and communication purposes. Also, gathering news data which I would be interested in over the Internet. Now the cache is something that I have been told is important and when I was actually comparing some of the netbooks for sale I found that these were quite similar in that they were almost always 1MB. This is why it appears to be very standard, at least in this price range anyway. I don’t know if too many people are going to get beyond the comparisons which I am referring to but I know that I had a small list of points which were of significant importance to me at the time I was researching them. I definitely had to have a hard drive and the model which I finally settled on had a nice 320GB hard drive. This also has an SD card slot so that I can quickly transfer any data I need to my other laptop.

I also really wanted the latest version of Windows. When you look at these however you will find out that they come with the Starter version of the operating system which may turn some really technical people off because they are slightly less open as other versions. What I mean is that there are some limitations but unless you are a technical person you would not likely miss any of what is limited, I know that I didn’t. In the end I was really happy about eventually finding the cheapest netbook and since it only weighs less then 3 pounds it has made a big difference in how and where I use it.